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Plant extract
Food ingredients
Chemical additives
Inorganic Chemicals
Organic Chemicals
Abrasive grains
Our group is located in the
Xian city (middle of China).
Our main factories are lin this
area. Please note...
From so many years developmant, our clients has almost been in the main area of the world.
About Us
We take the liberty of introducing our company to you.    
Shaanxi King Stone Enterprise Company Limited is a major company to export materials to several certain industry fields. Our company is headquartered in the city of Xi'an, (the middle of China).Our main factories are around Xian. Please note, the area has more advantage of labour cost, power cost of compared with east area of China (such as Shanghai, guanzhou area Etc). In fact, We are handling with the most advantage products around Xian. China.
So please make your right choice to co-operate with us ro get "Xian adavnatge goods" and "China advantage goods"!
Its main products are as the following scopes:
(1)Plant extract
(4)Chemical additives
(5)Chemical and pharmaceutical immediates
(7)Basic Inoranic Chemicals
(8)Basic Organic Chemicals
(9)Abrasives and related products
Natural Color
Plant Monomer Extrac
Gluconate Series
Lactic Acid Series
Organic Chemicals
Electroplate Chemicals
Inorganic Chemicals
Disperse Dyes
Organic pigment
A Brief History Of Dyestuff & Dyi
How to Take Liquid Herbal Extracts
Herbal Supplements Leave Out Safet
new special abrasive cryolite
China raises electricity tariff
Contact address:
Shaanxi king stone enterprise company limited
209 Keji Road Hi-Tech industrial development zone
Xian. China
Tel: 0086-29-88353805
Fax: 0086-29-88353140
E-mail: market@king-stone.us
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