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Abrasive grains
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Abrasive grains
Blue Fused Alumina
Posted:2011-06-01 | Browse:1722 Times



Blue Fused Alumina

It is a kind of brown fused alumina abrasive grain treated with high temperature. Through calcinations, the foreign substances are vaporized or separated out of the abrasive, so the surface of abrasive is more pure and rough, the pro-water performance and strength are raised greatly as the abrasive crackles that engendered when breaking can be closed after calcinations. It is mainly used to manufacture high-speed intensity sand belts, top grade bonded abrasive tools, large scale incising wheels and giant grinding wheels.
Our plant now supply two series: F grade for bonded abrasives and P grade for coated abrasives.


The washing system for blue fused alumina

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