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Abrasive grains
Our group is located in the
Xian city (middle of China).
Our main factories are lin this
area. Please note...
From so many years developmant, our clients has almost been in the main area of the world.
Abrasive grains
Black Silicon Carbide
Posted:2011-06-01 | Browse:2115 Times


Black Silicon Carbide

It is manufactured at high temperature in an electric resistance furnace with quarts sand petroleum coke as its main raw materials. Its hardness is between fused alumina and synthetic diamond. Its mechanical intensity is higher than fused alumina. It is brittle and sharp and has electrical and heat conductivity in some degree, suitable for grinding hard and brittle metal, non-ferrous metal, like copper, brass, aluminum, and magnesium, and non-metallic materials such as gem, optical glass, rock, leather, rubber, etc. It is also widely used as refractory material and metallurgical additive.
Our plant now supply two series: F grade for bonded abrasives and P grade for coated Abrasives


view of the workshop for grain producing line

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