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Abrasive grains
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Abrasive grains
Boron Carbide
Posted:2011-06-01 | Browse:2265 Times


Boron Carbide

Boron Carbide (B4C) is one of the hardest man-made materials. Its hardness with Mohs hardness 9.36 and microscopic hardness 5400 to 6300kg/mm虏is only exceeded by cubic boron nitrides and diamond. Its density is 2.52g/cm鲁 and melting point is 2450掳C. Our boron carbide powders are characterized by excellent properties, such as high boron content, high alkali and acid resistance, outstanding heat resistance, high grinding efficiency, and no magnetism. It is the ideal substitutes for diamond.
We can supply Abrasive grit or powder (grinding, lapping, polishing)


abrasive brick of Boron Carbide

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