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Abrasive grains
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Abrasive grains
single crystal alumina oxide
Posted:2011-06-01 | Browse:2663 Times


single crystal alumina oxide

Single crystal fused alumina is produced with bauxite , coal, scrap iron and pyrite as the main raw materials, in the process of smelting in the electric furnace with the temperature of 2050鈩? breaking, hydrolysis and manufacturing. Products of various particles are formed naturally, instead of mechanical smashing. Because its particles are formed from single crystal, it has the advantages of good multi prism cutting edge and high hardness and toughness, strong grinding ability, and low grinding heat.it is a kind of high-grade grinding material . It is used to produce the high grade cutting and grinding tools.it is suitable for the material grinding of high hardness, high toughness such as high vanadium high speed steel, austenitic stainless steel, heat-resistant alloy steel, titanium alloy steel, especially for the grinding and processing of dry mill and easily burned workpiece.


abrasive slice made of single crystal alumina

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