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Plant Standard Extract
Coriander Herb Extract
Posted:2011-08-08 | Browse:2477 Times
Specification:5:1,10:1, 15:1, 20:1
Plant used:Herb
Test method:UV

English Name:   Coriander Herb Extract
Latin Name:   Herba Coriandri Sativi       
Part  used:   Herb
Appearance:   yellow or brown powder  
Specification:  5:1,10:1, 20:1  
Test method:   UV


Posted Touzhen; digestion and appetite; pain detoxification; cold cold; measles; smallpox poor through hair; containing food product; abdominal pain, bloating; Oue; headache; toothache; prolapse; erysipelas; early sores ; Snakebite. coriander Xin Wen Hong channeling through Heart within and outside of limbs, the provision of all the errors of the gas, for the health food warming middle invigorating the stomach. The daily food, there is digestion under the gas, Xingpi tune in, impotence and other effects add to the fun, 

Packing: 25kg Per Drum or according to the needs of customers.
Shelf life: 24 months when properly stored.  点击查看原图

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