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Our group is located in the
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From so many years developmant, our clients has almost been in the main area of the world.
Electroplating Chemicals
Electroplate Chemicals
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       Electroplating Chemicals
Boric Acid 99.9%MIN 25Kg Woven Bag
Caustic Soda 96%,98%, 99% 25Kg Woven Bag
Citric Acid Monohydrous BP93 25Kg Woven Bag
Copper Sulphate 96-99% 50Kg Woven Bag
Dl-Malic Acid 99%MIN 25Kg Paper Bag
EDTA 2Na.2H2o/4Na.2H2o 99.1%,100.54% 20/25Kg Woven Bag
Lactic Acid 80%,85%,88% 25Kg PE Drum
Nickel Sulphate 22%MIN 25Kg Paper Bag
Phosphoric Acid Tech Grade 85%MIN 5Kg Plastic Drum
Potassium Persulphate 98.5%MIN 25Kg Woven Bag
Sodium Acetate 58% -60% 25Kg Woven Bag
Sodium Hypophosphite 99.9%MIN 25Kg Paper Bag
Sodium Persulphate 99%MIN 25Kg Woven Bag
Sulphamic Acid 99%,99.5%MIN 25Kg Woven Bag
Sulphamic Acid 99.5%MIN 25Kg Woven Bag



25Kg Woven Bag

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