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Lactic Acid Series
Lactic Acid Series
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Lactic Acid Series:

Ferrous Lactate             CAS NO. 5905-52-2
Manganese Lactic acid   CAS NO. 16039-56-8
Magnesium Lactate        CAS NO. 18917-93-6
Sodium Lactate              CAS NO. 312-85-6  72-17-3
Potassium  Lactate        CAS NO. 996-31-6
Ethyl  Lactate   CAS NO.97-64-3
L-Zinc Lactate   CAS NO. 103404-76-8
L-Potassium Lactate       CAS NO. 85895-78-9
L-Calcium Lactate          CAS NO. 28305-25-1  5743-47-5
L-Ferrous Lactate           CAS NO. 5905-52-2
L-Magmesium Lactate     CAS NO. 18917-93-6
L-Sodium Lactate            CAS NO.  867-56-1
L-Buffered Lactic Acid      CAS NO. 201-196-2
L+ Lactic acid     CAS NO.79-33-4
L- Methyl lactate              CAS NO. 27871-49-4
L- Butyl lactate  CAS NO. 34451-19-9
L-Isopropyl L-lactate       CAS NO. 63697-00-7
D- Methyl lactate              CAS NO.17392-83-5   
D- Ethyl lactate    CAS NO.  7699-00-5
D- Butyl lactate     CAS NO. 68166-83-6
D-Isopropyl L-lactate         CAS NO. 108-21-4
Poly-lactic acid    CAS NO.  31852-84-3


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