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Our group is located in the
Xian city (middle of China).
Our main factories are lin this
area. Please note...
From so many years developmant, our clients has almost been in the main area of the world.
 A Brief History Of Dyestuff & Dying2011-08-12
    Ever since primitive people could create, they have been endeavoring to add color to the world around them. They used natural matter to stain hides, decorate shells and feathers, and paint their story on the walls of ancient caves. Scientis...
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 How to Take Liquid Herbal Extracts2011-08-12
    The Chinese Medicine Works herbal pharmacy carries 60 formulas as liquid herbal extracts, designed by Harriet Beinfield and Efrem Korngold. Medical doctors, acupuncturists, and other health care providers may prescribe these formulas online...
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 Herbal Supplements Leave Out Safety Information2011-08-12
    Herbal medicines have become popular in recent years as people seek out natural remedies to better their health, but many of those supplements can cause dangerous side effects when mixed with certain medicines or health conditions, says a n...
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 new special abrasive cryolite2011-05-31
    KST has successfully developed a new special abrasive cryolite the special cryolite improves a lot and to be more high cost performance than the usual cryolite. The goods now is now export to Europe market.
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 China raises electricity tariff2011-05-31
    China raises electricity tariff BEIJING, May 31 (APP): China has raised price for electricity used for industrial, commercial and agricultural purposes across the country‚Äôs 15 provinces and municipalities by 16.7 yuan (about 2.57 U.S. d...
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